How Can I Naturally Smile More Often

How Can I Naturally Smile More Often

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How Can I Naturally Smile More Often?

Lots of folks already know that it’s nice to smile more often. The trouble comes with learning how to do so naturally. After all, no one likes to see someone smiling like it looks like it hurts!

So how can you smile naturally much more often? Turns out, there are a few tricks you can employ starting today!

Wake Up with a Smile

One great idea is to train yourself, through habit and repetition, to wake up with a smile. It’ll probably take a few days for you to get down, but when you go to bed, tell yourself that the first thing you’ll do upon awakening is smile.

As soon as you wake up and remember, do it! Over time, this habit will become second nature and you’ll start every day with a big grin that readies you to face the world.

Create Cues to Smile

You can double down on this effort and train yourself to smile at particular cues. This technique, derived from certain principles from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, will help teach your body to smile automatically without any brain power required.

The good news is you can choose your cues based on whatever you like! For instance, tell yourself to smile every time you open a door (this is a great trick to make yourself seem more approachable when you enter a room or greet someone at your house, by the way). In time, you’ll smile whenever you open a door no matter what!

Even better, this habit will extend itself into other areas of your life automatically. Soon, you’ll be smiling more often, period, not just when your hand reaches for a doorknob.

Improve Your Mindset

Even with the above tips, there’s no denying that it can be tough to convince yourself to smile more frequently if you’re in a rotten mindset. You have to feel good and optimistic to feel like smiling.

Take some time in the morning to focus on the positives of your life and the things you’re looking forward to in the coming days and weeks. Shift your mindset to become more optimistic and smiles will follow naturally.

Whiten Your Teeth

In addition, you might feel like smiling more often if you feel like your teeth are something to be proud of. For that, you may need to whiten your teeth (unless you’ve been blessed with perfect pearly whites – we’re jealous!).

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